MK4 1.8T Modular Jetta/GLI Catback Exhaust System

MK4 1.8T Modular Jetta/GLI Catback Exhaust System
MK4 1.8T Modular Jetta/GLI Catback Exhaust System

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Each Eurojet™ exhaust component is engineered, designed, and crafted by hand. We model every pipe and bend with state-of-the-art 3D CAD modeling to ensure the most seamless pipes with the least amount of welds and restrictions possible. 

Each design is carefully calculated and mated to molds and jigs to guarantee 100% accuracy with every production piece. No other system on the market offers the same quality, precision, modularity, design background, and performance. Learn more about Eurojet exhausts.


  • Material: T304 stainless steel
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Material Wall Thickness: 0.050" 


  • Brushed matte finish piping prior to welding
  • MIG welded by hand
  • Exhaust flange extruded from the same T304 stainless piping to ensure a uniform rate of thermal expansion and contraction reducing the potential for cracking know to occur on other systems with chrome dipped mild steel flanges with dissimilar metals
  • CNC machined flanges
  • Each section is produced with a male/female V-banded connection type to ensure proper alignment and ease of installation
  • Spiral wrapped corrugated flex section with inner tubing for added structural rigidity to reduce joint failure
  • Clampco clamps
  • OEM reducer section from 3" to 55 mm provides a perfect fit to stock downpipe/catalyst system while maintaining a true 3” diameter from the catalyst back

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