MK6 2.0T V-banded GLI Turboback Exhaust System (Non Gen3)

MK6 2.0T V-banded GLI Turboback Exhaust System (Non Gen3)
MK6 2.0T V-banded GLI Turboback Exhaust System (Non Gen3)
MK6 2.0T V-banded GLI Turboback Exhaust System (Non Gen3)

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SKU: EJ431-E10-02-00

Our turboback exhaust systems combine the downpipe and catback systems, giving you a complete, easy-to-install system. 

Our exhausts offer the right harmonics so that you're turning heads on the street and the track for all the right reasons. With our proprietary chamber designs and muffler technology, we’re able to turn your exhaust system into an aggressive beast without waking up the neighbors or getting any other unwanted attention, while putting down the power you demand from a performance exhaust. Learn more about Eurojet™ exhausts.

Note: Our Gen2 exhaust products may require minor modifications for compatibility with Gen1 systems. 

Does not fit GEN3 engines. 


  • Material: Brushed T304 Stainless Steel
  • Diameter:  3"
  • Material Wall Thickness:  0.065"


  • Lifetime guarantee from material and manufacturer’s defect (learn more)
  • 0.065” material thickness to prevent the system from deforming over years of expansion and contraction
  • Self-aligning, fully V-banded modular system that allows you to build your system over time or modify it quickly for track use
  • Male/female flange design that eliminates exhaust leaks and condensation sweat
  • Thick tubing and rear muffler designed to stabilize the long sound waves and reduce cabin drone
  • High-grade T304 stainless steel with brushed matte finish for ultimate durability and aggressive race look
  • Hand-welded joints for longer lasting durability and an improved custom appearance
  • Metallic race catalytic converter for a freer flowing exhaust and increased durability *Optional* 
  • Internal expansion joints and superior sound-absorbing material to create 40% pass-through, up from 30% in previous-generation systems, and a clean European exhaust sound 
  • Slotted exhaust flange for all FSI and TSI applications (downpipes only)
  • Laser-cut stainless steel flanges
  • Inlet/outlet is centered in the mid-muffler for even temperatures, less turbulence, and a more equal sound 
  • Corrugated inner tubing within flex section
  • Three O2 sensor bungs

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