MK6 Golf-R Engine Mount Assembly Kit

MK6 Golf-R Engine Mount Assembly Kit

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MK5/6 2.0T Aluminum Engine Mount



Eurojet offers replacement Engine, Transmission and Pendulum mounts as a complete kit, including the torque arm insert for TSI Engines. Compatible with 6 speed manual and DSG.


Noise, vibration and harshness constraints are limiting factors within the OEM mount designs. These OEM restrictions limit the performance and drivability of upgraded vehicles resulting in sloppy shifts under acceleration, poor engine response, and excessive wheel or axle hop. This drastically reduces the motor's ability to put the power the pavement and increase the overall power output and performance of your vehicle. 

This is the best strengthening package for your track or street driven Volkswagen! Once installed your Volkswagen will be equipped to handle anything you throw at it!!


Engine Mount

Pendulum Mount

Transmission Mount